Week of November 8

Monday – I had starting talking to this particular guy on Sunday (8th of November) he was cute, had a good job, and was a real gentleman through text (which anyone really could be, let’s be real). We had plans to meet at a really nice restaurant on the Monday night. Originally, had asked if I would like to join him for yoga…I thought, weird, but hey I’m up for it! Timing didn’t work out though, so just drinks and apps it was. He got there before me. I walked in, and GAYDAR! Almost immediately I knew this man was way too feminine for me, besides the fact that he was growing a mustache for movember. We sat down and had some decent conversation and I thought to myself, maybe this guy is ok…and then it happened. The man mentioned that he was addicted to the vampire diaries. W. T. F. He proceeded to explain that if he were to only pick 5 songs to listen to forever, “one of them for sure would be a spice girls song” …to add to this, he said about three times in our three hour ish meeting “I swear I’m not gay!” Sure bud. 

Obviously after that date I texted him (ya I know, I have no balls) to tell him that I had a great time, but didn’t feel the attraction aspect of things. I think he knew why.

Tuesday – I met with a man over drinks. He was ok, not really anything wrong with him, but didn’t feel the connection at all. Also he told me that he broke up with his last gf because she wanted to get married and have kids..after THREE years with the girl, he said he didn’t want that any time soon. Definitely not the guy for me.

Wednesday (tonight) – This date was actually a set up by a friend. We were supposed to go out 2 weeks ago today but he forgot about it. Awesome. To be fair, he had just been promoted at his job and was working crazy hours…still, no text, nothing. Anyway he ended up calling me last week profusely apologizing, and insisted that he buy me dinner. I agreed and here we are. As in, here we are, it’s 9 something and we met at 7:30 and I’m already in the bathtub. This guy was so nice, great job, etc…but SO unattractive to me. It’s pretty unfortunate. Does that make me shallow? I feel like if the thought of having sex with the person sitting in front of you makes you shudder…it’s probably not a match made in heaven no? Thanks friend, no more set ups from you! 


The dating duchess xo

Week of November 8

Welcome to my Blog!

So I’m new to this whole blogging thing. However for the past few months (seems like years) I’ve been on an online dating adventure – going out on dates which have led me to some heart aches as well as some laughs. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, so when I’ve had a bad (or good) dating experience, my friends and family all seem to hear about it. I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, they don’t want to hear about the countless amounts of dates I go on each month trying to find “the one.” So, I figured I would start this blog, recounting every date I have. Basically it will help me vent, and sound like a crazy person online without anyone ever really knowing who I am…and have a place for my friends to get updated on my love life (or lack thereof) without having to hear me bitch and complain…while already knowing that I’m a crazy person (and of course loving me for it! 😉

If you happen to become a regular reader of mine, you will discover that I am emotional, passionate and sensitive! I know that there will be some dates written about that will make you laugh, and some that will probably make you feel bad for me! I hope to give some dating advice along the way, and perhaps learn from all of the experiences I have. For the record, I was previously on Tinder, but have decided that the app is just a meat market. For now I’m on match.com which I foolishly pay for, and plenty of fish which can be pretty dicey.

Here’s to some hopefully interesting reads!

love, the dating duchess xo

Welcome to my Blog!